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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nikki Wants Your Cum

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All Over Her Feet

Nikki hasn't had a guy to give a footjob to for quite awhile so shes overjoyed when you let her. She gets your cock hard then grips it with her well lubed soles. Nikki loves the way it feels between her soles and soon teases you with her toes a bit as well. Nikki is so excited she strokes and strokes your cock with her hands and feet til you explode between her gripping toes covering them with cum. Nikki smiles and thanks you when you are done and rubs your cum into her soles.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Me Those Toes

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And Your Soles Too

Vanessa has always had a thing for JC Simpsons feet. One day they are sitting around the house and Vanessa can't help but cut off the tips of JC's socks to suck on her toes. After a minute she cuts off the other sock tip then the rest of the socks so she can lick JC's soles too. Vanessas tongue licks all over JC's feet turning her on to the point where she cuts Vanessas socks off too.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Footjob Delight

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A Swing Club Night

Tara has been going to a local swingers club from time to time looking for a bit of fun. Tonight she hooked up with a guy that couldn't take his eyes off her feet in hopes to indulge her secret fantasy, footjobs. After a bit of small talk she gets him to drop his pants and starts rubbing his cock with her sexy feet. She grips him between the sole of one and the top of the other and strokes him teasingly. Her feet feel so heavenly it's not long before Tara gets what she wants, a huge load of cum all over her feet. After he cums Tara teasingly invites him to join her again soon.

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