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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Makes You Explode
Riley Grey has never given a footjob and really wants to try with you. She gets your cock hard and wet by sucking it slowly then wraps her soles around your shaft. Faster and faster her sexy feet pump your cock til you blow a huge load all over them. That's one awesome Footjob!

 #2. Zoey's Footjob Lesson

Makes A Big Mess
Zoey wanted to learn how to give an awesome footjob so she asked Logan to teachher. Logan showed her how to get the guy hard then wrapped her feet around his cock. She strokes his cock slowly and demonstrates a few techniques. Zoey watches in awe as Logan pumps her feet faster and faster til the guy explodes all over them.

For The Very First Time
Sexy Asian Mia Li has some very skilled toes and wanted to try giving a footjob for you. She teases your cock with her sexy feet til you are hard as a rock. Her soft soles wrap around your cock and slowly stroke the entire length. Mia uses her toes and soles to give you such an erotic footjob that when you finally explode it covers her soles.

Get Esmi All Riled Up
Logan Lace has some very cute and ticklish feet that Esmi just can't resist. She interviews her for a minute or so then begins to Tickle Logans soles. When she starts squirming and trying to get away Esmi changes tactics, licking and worshipping them. After she gets them wet with her saliva Esmi tickles her even more. 

They're Soo Ticklish
Cat Morris likes to have her feet tickled even though it makes her squirm. After a brief interview I couldn't wait to get my fingers on them. Even the lightest touch got her laughing so I started licking them too. It was hard to tell which she enjoyed more but I'm thinking it was the tickling.